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Newcastle University is now a member of the JANET Roaming Service (JRS) which is part of the international roaming service EduRoam.

  • JRS allows users from any participating institution to login at Newcastle, using their usual login name and password (i.e. that allocated by their own institution).
  • JRS allows Newcastle users to login at any participating institution, using their Newcastle login name and password.

"Being part of EduRoam allows users visiting another institution connected to !EduRoam to log on to the WLAN using the same credentials (username and password) the user would use if he were at his home institution ... with a minimum administrative overhead."

"The JANET Roaming service ... provides the solution ... to provide visitor access logon without IT Support workload and for visitors to JANET sites wanting quick and simple authenticated secure access to full network services - home networks, Internet and permitted areas of host site network."

Our understanding is that you shouldn't have any expectation that it's going to work, unless you specifically ask at each site.

Here is a quick summary of JANET Roaming ...

JANET roaming service (JRS) defines three levels of service:

  • JRS1 is access via a SSL web browser (least secure - and not recommended).
  • JRS2 is access via 802.1x and WEP as a minimum over wireless (medium security)
  • JRS3 is access via 802.1x with WPA2 on wireless (most secure)

Each site can offer any of these access methods. The easiest way to determine which JRS level a site offers is to ask them.

When using !EduRoam at other institutions, use your campus user id, plus '' - i.e. with your campus password. The Newcastle 'RADIUS' authentication servers currently accept authentication requests with MS-CHAPV2. The Newcastle RADIUS server uses the Windows active directory (AD) as its back-end user database to compare the encrypted password from the AD against the password supplied over the JRS. On the central NUIT instructions for Windows, it recommends (on the wireless connection page) in the authentication tab select PEAP. Within the PEAP properties, select 'ms-chapV2' as the authentication method. Make sure the 'automatically send windows login/password/domain' is NOT ticked. So, to authenticate successfully, you MUST use MS-CHAPV2 authentication. This is configurable with a 802.1x connection, which implies the visited site must be offering JRS2 or JRS3 service. Sites with JRS1 may work, depending how the visited site has set it up. :\

If you've followed that so far, and still want to try it, please see for more details.

Note: The instructions on the central NUIT web site are for visitors to Newcastle. The setup elsewhere will be site specific, but similar. In order to use the service at Newcastle, your visitor must be within range of a 'Magpie' wireless access point, although note that not all campus access points support JRS/EduRoam as yet.

Please bear in mind that this service is intended "to provide visitor access logon without IT Support workload and ... quick and simple authenticated secure access to full network services". Since it's so simple you won't need to call the support team! :\

Participating Countries can be found at

Participating institutions in the UK can be found at

JRS at Newcastle is currently a TRIAL service.