[!] see previous page for how to connect to the wireless services available on campus.

For iPhone connections see the central NUIT web site http://www.ncl.ac.uk/itservice/connect/methods/wireless/iphone/

/!\ Off campus, it is not advisable to boot a Common Desktop laptop within range of a configured wireless signal. Disable the wireless connection before booting or set all wireless networks to connect 'On Demand'. This makes it possible to avoid a long delay waiting for a 'timeout' when the startup scripts attempt (but fail) to apply campus domain policy via a non-campus wireless network.

This can also be a problem on campus, if any wireless connection is made, such as magpie (the central NUIT wireless network)!

To set wireless networking to connect 'On Demand':

  • Open the Network Connections Control Panel and select the Wireless Network Connection icon. If it says Disabled then right click and select Enable.
  • Now right click and select Properties, then select the Wireless Network tab in the resulting Wireless Connection Properties window.
  • In Preferred Networks: select a network e.g wlancs (Automatic), then Properties, then the Connection tab.
  • Unset Connect when this network is in range select OK. In Preferred networks: it will now say wlancs (On Demand)).

. You now get to choose when to connect to a wireless network .... (e.g. select start->Connect To->Wireless Network Connection (not in classic start menu) or right click on the Wireless Network Connection icon in the System Tray and select View Available Wireless Networks).