Wake on Lan

It is good to save power by ensuring your desktop PC is shut down (or at least set to sleep) overnight, and at the weekend and holidays. For a laptop, hibernation is equivalent to a shutdown in power-saving terms. You may like to check the power settings control panel to see what automatic action is taking place. However, you may occasionally wish to access your PC via Remote Desktop when it is not active.

If your machine is correctly configured there is a good chance that you can use Wake on Lan (often abbreviated as WoL) to restart your machine or possibly bring it out of hibernation or stand-by/sleep. Central NUIT have provided a Web-based interface to WoL at Connect to the campus network (see the Help pages). If your desktop machine is not assigned to you, or if you cannot get WoL to work, please raise a support ticket telling us the machine name. Setting this up the first time may require physical access to your desktop machine.

/!\ Do not attempt to register or change your machine's details - you will not succeed: ask the support team instead.