All visitors to the School must be registered with CS Reception. This includes attendees at School-hosted conferences, workshops, meetings and colloquia. Please complete this short form on the School Internal Site to register a visitor:

Once registered, CS Reception will liaise with CS Support to provide services to Visitors.

When registered, but not before, visitors to the School may be interested in the following services:

  • Wireless access via the EduRoam service, if the visitor's home Institution supports Eduroam. Please see the central NUIT visitors network access page for more information.
  • Alternatively, central-NUIT also offer a Guest Wireless Service. Credentials for this are generated by CS support. Please indicate this is required when you register your visitor.
  • CS Support can register visitor's devices for access to the University wired network.
  • Access to a hot-desk area within the School.

Visitors who are expected to stay for more than three months must be registered as an official University visitor. CS Reception will get back to you to arrange for the necessary paperwork to be completed (which is available at This process may take up to four weeks to complete. Such visitors may also receive the following:

  • Wired access to the campus network, subject to the Visitor reading and agreeing to the University Code of Connection
  • Potential access to a more fixed desk/office arrangement
  • A campus account (login id and password), permitting access to
    • the School's internal site (by arrangement)
    • customer access to the support ticket system
    • School printers
  • Associate membership of the Robinson Library (see below)

Access to Rooms and Buildings, and Safety Briefings

You should introduce your visitors, on arrival, to the Reception staff who may have to deal with mail and/or phone calls on your visitors' behalf. Please issue this single page of safety notes.

Reception will be able to issue a key (if office space has been agreed in advance) and a visitor's smartcard with 24/7 access to most internal doors and the building as a whole. A signature and quite likely a key deposit will be required.

If your visitor is staying for more than a week or is expecting to work late without your supervision, your visitor will be introduced to our School Safety Officer, Chris Ritson. A safety briefing will be arranged, but in the interim, please ensure that the page of notes referred to above has been issued.

Visiting and guest staff who are registered on SAP can apply to the Robinson Library for a personal Smartcard (Associate User status). They will then be able to enter Claremont Tower during evenings and weekends. Other visitors can take their letter of invitation to the Robinson Library and may be issued with an External User card, which allows use of library facilities but does not permit out of hours access to Claremont Tower.