Equipment Ordering

Requests for new hardware and software should be made via our Ticket System and will be handled by the support team. If necessary the support team will investigate options around a desired specification to obtain best value. No item should be ordered without the agreement of the requester and the relevant budget holder.

Please see our Computer Purchase Policy for information on what computers we will buy and support, and how often we will replace equipment.

It is acceptable for staff holding a relevant research project budget to order equipment to their own specification without involving the support team, providing they understand that the support team have no obligation to support it, repair it, or deal with warranty claims.

Equipment Loans

For staff and PhD students, a wide range of portable computing equipment is available from Reception, which is normally open 8.30 - 16.45, Monday - Thursday, and 8.30 - 16.30 on Friday. It is closed on Saturday and Sunday, and on public holidays.

Please see Loan Equipment for more information on what is available.


Consumables such as CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-(various writeable formats) can be obtained from Reception, for University use only. If you require such items for personal use, please buy them from the Students Union shop or elsewhere.