Lab Name Mill
Room Claremont Bridge 6.11
No of Machines 69
Other Equipment 1 projector
OS Linux, Fedora 20
Timetable Week ; Year
Host Names mill 001-073

The mill machines are installed as development workstations featuring tools for scripting and programming. The development tools include Eclipse (for Java) and Scratch (for Python). The LibreOffice suite which increasingly provides compatibility for many common document types is also available.

The following is a list of Software currently available on the Mill machines:

  • C Development (GCC)
  • Eclipse
  • Firefox
  • Gnome Desktop
  • Emacs
  • Git and Subversion
  • Gnuplot
  • Maven
  • Mercurial
  • Nodejs
  • Python3
  • R
  • Scratch
  • Texmaker
  • Vim Enhanced

If you require additional software for a machine in the Mill, please submit a ticket via the Ticket System.