Finding and logging into the system

Go to:

Type in your standard campus user id and password and press “Log In”, you should not prefix “campus\” to your username.

Due to the way the authentication system works you should be careful to bookmark the above url and not the url you are redirected to (i.e. otherwise after logging in you will see a page like this…

However, if you do find yourself confronted with this page, if you type in and go to that url you should find yourself logged in.

Requesting Leave

Find the following under the section marked “Request”…

To request leave, select and enter your data as appropriate:

Note: It is your own and the manager who approves your request’s responsibility to make sure that the leave type, dates (plus half day indicators), amount of days and (where applicable) allocation year is correct.


Select the type of leave you would like to request using the drop down under the heading “Type”.

Note: Sickness must be recorded in the standard paper based way and the details will be entered for you later.

Start Date

Insert the starting date to which your absence will start/started, this can be done by either manually typing in a date in the format DD/MM/YYYY (including slashes, please do not use spaces or dashes or anything else) in the text box under the heading “Start Date”, so for example 01/01/2004. Alternatively, a graphical calendaring popup is provided to make this easier, you will find that by clicking the text box under the heading “Start Date” the popup will automatically appear on the left hand side of the screen; you can select alternate months and years to the current month and year by using the drop downs provided at the top of the popup…

To select the date, adjust the month and year to suit and then click on the day number link, the popup will disappear and the text box will now show the correctly formatted date you chose.

You may also note the “Today” link in the popup; this will enter today’s date for you.

To get rid of the calendaring popup without selecting a day simply click anywhere on the browser window’s page.

Half Day Drop Down Box

Should you require a half day, please use the drop down beside the “Start Date” text box to indicate whether you intend to take the morning or afternoon, as circled here…

If you don’t need a half day, simply leave the drop down set to “-“.

Last Date

Insert the Last Date to which your absence will end/ended upon; this date should be the last date of the absence, not the date you returned (with the exception being you take a half day in the morning!). Please follow the above instructions for the “Starting Date”, but replacing “Start Date” for “Last Date”.

Working Days

Insert the amount of working days that the absence you have defined under “Start Date” and “Last Date” cover in the text box under the heading “Working Days”. It is very important that you do this as a) the system doesn’t work it out for you and b) it is your own and your manager’s responsibility to check that the amount of days entered is correct!


Under the heading “Allocation” you should ONLY select an allocation year to which the leave will linked to if you are requesting a “Holiday”. This does not matter in the case of an “Other” type of leave as what you select is disregarded. Note: The year indicated is the year in which the allocation started, so it may not necessarily be the current year.

Requesting it

Once you have entered your type of leave, start date, last date (and selected any relevant half day indicators), days absent and (where applicable) allocation year, press “Add”. An email will be sent to your direct line manager notifying them of your request and the request will show as a pending request until your manager approves or declines your request. If, for some reason no manager is assigned to approve your leave, your request will be seen when a manager is assigned, however an email will not be sent.

Once successfully requested the request will now appear in you “Pending” section awaiting your manager’s decision…

Viewing, Editing and Deleting Leave

Amendments to requests and approved leave can be made at any time however the way in which this works is dependant upon whether the leave has been approved or not.

Pending Leave

Pending leave requests are found under the “Pending” heading…

Editing a request

To edit a pending request simply change the relevant details and press the “Edit” button beside the respective request.

Note: The interface is presented and works in exactly the same way as described for “2) Requesting Leave”, however you may not change the type of leave, if you must change the type then delete the request and submit another by following “3.1.2) Deleting a Request” then “2) Requesting Leave”.

After you have pressed “Edit” (assuming all details are correct) the request will immediately be updated and a message will be sent your manager informing them of the change.

Deleting a request

To delete a pending request press the “Delete” button beside the respective request.

After you have pressed “Delete” the request will immediately be removed from your pending list and a message will be sent to your manager informing them that you no longer require the requested leave.

Approved Leave

Approved leave is found by using the sidebar popups, the sidebar is shown boxed here…

To edit, delete or simply view the three types of leave click on one of the options in the top group of links…

Once you have clicked on a leave type the respective popup for that type of leave will appear…

Note: In order to hide the popup you must click again on the sidebar option for the currently open popup, for example if you were to open “Holidays”, then clicking “Holidays” in the side bar again would hide the popup.

Also, if you would like to view multiple types of leave then you don’t need to hide the popup before opening another, this is done automatically, however, in order to hide all popups and go back to “Request” and “Pending” you must click on the option in the side bar for the most currently selected popup.

As with new requests, notification emails will be sent at every stage of using the functionality as described in 3.2.1) and 3.2.2) ie to tell your manager you would like to edit/delete some leave, to tell you your manager has accepted declined the request etc…

Editing a request

In order to edit leave that has been already approved the process is exactly the same as described as in “3.1.1) Editing a request”. However what happens after that is different since the leave has already been approved, instead of the details being immediately changed the leave is removed from the respective sidebar popup and is placed into the “Pending” section, as shown here….

Note: To distinguish “approved leave requests for amendment” from “new leave requests” they are highlighted by a darker blue coloured background (as shown in the above screenshot)

The reason for this is that your manager must approve any requests to edit already approved leave and therefore the edited leave will remain in pending until the request is approved or declined. Should the request be approved the leave will be placed back into the side bar popup with the new edited details intact, if however the request is declined, the leave is placed back into the side bar popup but the details will remain as they were (i.e. NOT edited).

Note: There is a certain exception whereby approved leave “can” be edited without managerial approval. If you decide to reduce the number of days taken and/or change the dates to a date that is within the original date range then this will happen instantly without requiring approval (as long as it is done before the leave has been taken or is being taken); your manager will be notified via email of the change.

The “Edit” button

While the leave is in the “Pending” section you may still further edit the request in exactly the same way you can edit a new pending request, your manager will be informed of the “further” changes.

The “Remove” button

You can also remove the request should you need to (for example, you change your mind or accidentally edit the wrong absence) by pressing the “Remove” button beside the respective absence in the “Pending” section.

Note: The term “Remove” is very deliberately used to differentiate from “Delete”, by pressing “Remove” you cancel your request for editing and places the absence back into its respective side bar popup, it does NOT permanently delete the absence or request for permanent deletion.

Deleting a request

To delete approved leave the process is as described as in ”3.1.2) Deleting a request”. However much as in “3.2.1) Editing a request”, what happens after that is different, the details are not immediately removed, instead they are removed from the respective side bar popup and placed into the “Pending” section…

Note: To distinguish “approved leave requests for deletion” from “new leave requests” they are highlighted by a red coloured background (as shown in the above screenshot)

Your manager will then accept or decline the request, should the request be approved the leave will be removed from the view and permanently and irretrievably deleted, if however the request is declined, the leave is placed back into the respective side bar popup.

Note: As with editing there is an exception whereby your manager is not needed to approve the request: If you decide to delete an approved absence before it has been taken or you are currently taking it, then no approval will be required and the absence will be removed instantly with a notifying email sent to your manager.

The “Do Not Delete” button

While the leave is in the “Pending” section you may still change your mind and not delete the leave, simply press “Do Not Delete” beside the respective absence and that absence will be placed back into its respective side bar popup.

Search All Staff Member’s Leave By Teams Or Individuals (The “Wall Chart View”)

To view all leave for any staff member or team click on the option “Wall Chart View” in the side bar…

You should find yourself presented with the following page…

Note: Searches do not show what type of leave a pending request is or why that leave has been taken (by design, that information is not held anywhere in the system)

Under certain browser and/or browser configurations and/or screen resolutions this view may stretch outside the edges of the screen, due to the sheer volume of information being presented in a relatively small amount of screen space this is to some degree unavoidable.

If many multiple of teams and/or singular individuals are selected simultaneously the view will stretch the bottom of the screen and you will need to scroll to see the lower results, this is also fairly unavoidable, however by design the “Back” button is repeated at the top and bottom of the screen to make exiting the view slightly easier!

Adding an individual staff member or members to the view

In order to add individual staff members to the view you must select them from the drop down box marked “Choose User:” and press the “Add” button to the immediate right of the “Choose User:” drop down box. The selected staff member will then appear in the calendar…

Adding individual staff members in a team or teams to the view

To add all individual staff members in a team to the view, select the required team from the drop down box marked “Choose Team:” and press the “Add” button to them right of the “Choose Team:” drop down box. All staff members in the selected team will then appear in the calendar…

Removing individual staff member or members in the view

Whether you have added staff members to the view individually or in teams, you can remove individual staff members should you wish. To do so, simply click the small close widget beside the name of a specific staff member in the left hand calendar month…

Note: This ONLY removes the staff member from the view; it does NOT in any way delete the staff member or respective leave from the system. Anyone you do remove can easily be re-added to the view by following the instructions in 4.1).

Removing individual staff members in a team or teams in the view

If you would like to remove a whole team of individual staff members, select the team you’d like to remove from the drop down box marked “Choose Team:” and press the “Remove” button to the right of the “Choose Team:” drop down box. All staff members in the selected team will then be removed from the view

Note: This may remove individually selected staff members if they belong to the team you are removing; they can easily be re-added though by following the instructions in 4.1).

Changing the date you are viewing

At any time you can navigate between months by using the plus and minus month buttons shown above the calendar…

To decrement the viewed months by 1, 2, 6 or 12 months press the button marked “-1”, “-2”, “-6” or “-12” respectively. To increment the viewed months by 1, 2, 6 or 12 months press the button marked “+1”, “+2”, “+6” or “+12” respectively

Note: You will not lose any of the added staff members (if any) in the view if you adjust the viewed months.

Description of how the leave information is presented (Chart “key”)

The Chart consists of two months shown side by side, within each chart for a specific calendar month a key for types of leave colouring is show in the top left, the days of the week (weekends excluded) are represented in an abbreviated form across the rest of the top.

Under the key for types of leave colouring is the month and two digit year indicator, across the rest of that row is the number of the day of the month (weekends excluded).

In a populated chart the remaining rows will consist of a staff member’s name and close widget with the rest of the row made up of weekday boxes to indicate leave or no leave taken on that day.

In order to make differentiation between rows and following staff member rows easier alternate white/light grey shading is applied to each row in turn.

Types of Leave

No leave in a particular date is displayed by a blank, white or lightly greyed box under each respective weekday column, “Holidays” are shown as black boxes, “Other” is shown as dark blue boxes, “Pending” leave is shown as light blue boxes and Sickness is shown (aptly) as greeny-yellow coloured boxes.

Today’s Date

To easily identify the current date the vertical column for the current date is shaded a dark grey colour, current date shading does not occur on the day number and staff member rows that have a given absence in them nor does it appear on weekends.


Weekends are removed from the view as they are not strictly relevant! However, to better show where they are an enlarged blue border appears beside every Friday of every week.

Half Days

Half days are shown using the colouring scheme as described in 4.6.1), however they are shown as half boxes. Their vertical position is also meaningful as a half box at the top of a box indicates the morning, a half box at the bottom of a box indicates an afternoon.

Note: In some browsers this may cause the particular staff member row that contains the half day to slightly bulge vertically.

It is possible that two types of leave may occur in the two sections of the same day.

One half box for half day leave indicates that for the other half of the day the staff member is not taking leave.

Resetting the view

To completely remove all staff members from the view, press the “Reset” button in the top right of the screen.

Note: Resetting the view will also reset the currently selected months back to the left hand chart being the current month and the right hand chart being next month.

Returning to the main page

To exit the wall chart view and return to the main page press either “Back” button/link at the top right or bottom middle of the view.

Note: If you return to the wall chart view you will find that your choices will reappear as you left them, this will not occur once you have logged out, closed the browser window or your session has timed out.


I just want to take a half or one day, how do I enter this?

To take one day follow the instructions as in 2) and enter the same date in “Start Date” and “End Date”, do NOT use the half day indicators!

To take a half day of leave follow the instruction as in 2) and enter the same date “Start Date” and “End Date”, then ONLY set half day indicator in the “Start Date”. You can also echo the half day indicator setting in the “End Date” but it is ignored, ONLY the “Start Date” half day indicator is used.

How do I transfer an absence from one leave type to another

Put simply, you can’t directly. You must delete the leave and re-request it as the correct leave type, please make sure to select the right leave type before the leave is approved in order to save yourself time!

Why do I see scroll bars in the “Request”/“Pending”/Side bar popup?

For lower screen resolutions (below 800x600, 800x600 and possibly 1024x768) and certain browsers/browser configurations you may find that certain areas of the system sprout scroll bars or bulge off the edge or bottom of the screen, this is by design to maximise screen space on smaller views spaces and. Sometimes reducing the text size used in your browser can considerably improve the display of the system!

Why is the allocation year not the current year?

The allocation year is named using the year in which the allocation starts, for example, an allocation of holidays running from October 1st 2003 until September 30th 2004 would be called the “2003 allocation”.

What do I do if I need to request holiday spanning two allocations?

In this case you must split your holiday request to fit the amount of holiday allocation you have in each allocation, please do not request a holiday length that exceeds the length of any one allocation as the system will reject it!

For example, if you would like to take ten working days off and you have 4 days left from your 2003 allocation and you haven’t taken any holiday in your new 2004 allocation starting in October 2004 then request one holiday starting on the first day of your holiday and ending on the fourth and assign it to your 2003 allocation, then assign the remaining 6 working days to your 2004 allocation.

I would like to request a holiday but the allocation year is not there to select!

Submit a request via the TicketSystem to have the new allocation added.

Why have I received an email declining my request for leave?

The most common reason will be that your manager noted a mistake in your request, however in the case of leave types “holiday” or “other” your manager may have a good reason to not allow leave and you should consult with your manager for the reason.

In all cases, please consult your manager or the person who declined the request for leave (Their full name will be on the email).

What if my manager is not there to approve my leave?

In this case, please send an email to your manager’s manager; they have permissions to approve your leave, failing that your manager’s, manager’s manager also has permission as does their manager and so on…

In the worst case scenario of no one in management that is responsible directly or indirectly for yourself being able to approve your leave via the system you must seek approval and submit a request via the TicketSystem to have it entered manually.

Why has a year allocation for my holiday disappeared?

On the first of January the period whereby you can use last years allocation expires and that allocation is removed as a selection from the system. If you have good reason/permission to use the previous year’s allocation outside of the expiry time you must submit a request via the TicketSystem to have it entered manually and assigned to the correct allocation.

I have received an error, what do I do?

Please write down the error message (if any) and make note (if you can) of what you did before and leading up to when the error occurred; if you know how, take a screenshot. Send all the error information to the Support team via the TicketSystem.