Tux, the Linux mascot


Linux is installed on the compute server ritchie, also known by the service name linux.cs.ncl.ac.uk for remote use from on or off campus. Access requires the use of Secure Shell in both cases.

The setup on linux.cs is intended to be identical to the customised Linux setup that Support puts together based on one of the standard distributions and installs on our public cluster in The Mill. Currently linux.cs is out of date.

Staff and PHD students may also have the setup as a managed system on their machines, possibly in a dual-boot configuration with Windows.

Off-Campus Access

Using NX

The best way to get off-campus access with a similar environment to your on-campus one is to use central NUIT's NX service on aldred.

See the NX Client section in central NUIT's documentation for how to connect to aldred. Once connected, run:

ssh -X linux.cs

in a terminal window to log in to linux.cs. The -X option is necessary if you want to run graphical applications on linux.cs (because ISS have not switched on X11 forwarding by default). Alternatively, you can make it your default by putting the following in .ssh/config in your home directory on aldred:

Host linux.cs
  ForwardX11 yes