These are the services that we offer to the School:

  • Databases — The School runs a MySQL database server for use in teaching, e.g. student projects including Personal Web Pages.
  • Equipment & Consumables — Requests for hardware and software, Equipment loans, Consumables such as CDs and DVDs
  • Server Hosting — Self-managed projects or services may be implemented through the use of virtual servers on the School's servers …
  • Labs — The School provides several PC Labs (aka clusters), mainly for use by undergrad and postgrad members of the School.
  • Linux Timeshare — Linux is provided on the compute server ''linux.cs'' for remote use from on or off campus.
  • Mailing Lists — School mailing lists are enumerated here …
  • Printing — The use and initial configuration of printers provided by the School …
  • Storage — Networked File Storage provided by CS Support.
  • Software — Details of desktop software commonly used in the School, both in personal and cluster PCs ..
    • Software Packaging — managing the packaging and deployment of software to School computers
  • Version Control — The School supports Subversion on a central server and can manage repositories for both individuals and groups …
  • Websites — About the various School websites, personal web pages, web servers, Wiki hosting and databases.

Pilot/Experimental Services

NUIT Services

See Advice for notes on usage of various NUIT services.