Personal Web pages are created automatically for members of staff and all students taking a Computing module or registered for a Computing degree. The pages are available as or via HTTPS, where ''name'' is the user's registered Newcastle e-mail name in lower case, and are accessible for updating via CIFS \\\homepages.cs\*name* and at the location /ncl/homepages.cs/*name* on the Linux timeshare service.

From off campus, you can connect to the Linux timeshare service via SFTP to


PHP (currently 5.3.10) is supported. PHP scripts are granted restricted access to only the user's personal space and selected system directories. The flag register-globals is false which means that variables declared in web forms are not automatically made into global variables in your PHP script. This may differ from some early tutorials for PHP.

Server logs

If you are developing PHP and need access to the server logs, these are exported as follows. In all cases, the logs are stored in sub-directories named after the year and week number.

  • /ncl/homepages.log (Linux)
  • cifs:// (Mac)
  • \\\homepages.log (Windows)

See also

MySQL is also supported - see Databases.

Central NUIT offer similar facilities, see