The School's public website is

Staff profiles

Staff profiles on the site, such as those under, get their data from MyImpact. Individual staff members can maintain their own profiles via MyImpact.

Additional data

Some additional data for staff is pulled from our internal site ( Staff can set their Google Scholar ID, Room number and Building via: Staff/Student Update.

Student profiles

Research student profiles on the site at are populated from You can edit your own student profile at: Staff/Student Update.

Who to contact

Every page on the internal and external website feature a link in the footer entitled "Report a problem with this web page". Clicking this brings up a form where you can type in a description of what is wrong with any page on the sites. The form auto-fills some information (what page you were on, what browser you are using) which is useful for diagnosing problems. Once submitted, the form raises a CS support ticket automatically.