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Type Internet Telephony
Licence Free - Proprietary

CMD Self install
Home PC Software for home(for staff),software deals(for students)

Wikipedia Skype

ISS encourage Skype's use if you are careful to make sure it does not compromise network services for other users.

If your machine has a private IP address (which is the norm) or are running a CMD system you should have no problems running Skype.


(!) If your machine is shown here as having a public address, and you wish to change to a private one (recommended), please submit a request to the TicketSystem.

/!\ If your machine is not running the Campus Managed Desktop and has a public IP address, it is strongly recommended that you do not use Skype. unless you quit it every time after making a call. Skype is very persistent in its attempts to keep running so that it can potentially use your machine as part of its peer-to-peer network. Due to its potential use of ANY machine running Skype to facilitate calls between ANY Skype users, this can result in thousands of connections simultaneously running on a machine. As a consequence of not running Skype constantly, phone calls must be pre-arranged, perhaps by email or instant messaging.

  • Configure Skype on installation so that it does NOT automatically load when the host system is started.

  • Configure Skype to use a proxy

  • Whenever you sign in to Skype, make sure the box ''Start Skype when computer starts'' is unchecked.

  • When you sign out from Skype you may have to uncheck the box again!

  • Quit Skype after using it:

  • for Windows, right click the ''Skype icon in the Windows System Tray'', then click ''Quit''. Neither ''Sign out'' or ''Close'' from the ''File'' menu will prevent Skype from running in the background. This is the only way to shut Skype down. You must quit Skype this way EVERY TIME because if you just shut your machine down with Skype running it will restart itself automatically next time you reboot.

/!\ If Skype co-opts your machine as a router or 'supernode', ISS will block your machine's network access :(

See VoIP for some historical background.