There are a lot of different places to store things in Newcastle. See also advice on what to use when. The current page documents what storage services are specifically offered by CS Support.

This page has been imported from our previous wiki and is still in the process of being reviewed. It may be out of date or inaccurate.

Departmental File Store

The departmental file store \\campus\dept\compsci is the primary place where members of the School can store files intended to be shared amongst one another. For administrative staff, this share is available on your PCs as the S: drive.

Features are:

  • 600 gig space (60 per cent taken as of Feb 2012
  • Shared access, with fine-grained control over access control, administered by CS Support
  • Regular offsite backups are taken (currently once a day) for disaster recovery only
  • Shadow copy (a.k.a "previous versions") is supported
  • Certain file types not allow (e.g. .EXE (executable) and .PST (Outlook archive) see Shared File Store Service for the full list).
  • Available from off-campus

The departmental filestore is a CIFS share. For information on accessing CIFS shares on and off campus, from different operating systems, please see CIFS.

NFS shares

We can provide file storage on networked file systems via NFS to client machines which support it (e.g. Linux virtual machines). These shares are backed up by our Amanda backup system.

We recommend using NFS shares for user and application data on Linux servers. They can be shared between systems in many circumstances. We do not normally offer backups for the local storage on systems, preferring their configuration to be managed by our configuration management system.

Linux caveat

It is presently impossible for us to provide access to the Computing Science NFS home storage to a server at the same time as providing administrative access to that server. If you do not require administrative access on your machine, we can arrange for your NFS home storage to be available. Be aware that any user with administrative access to your machine will have full access to any NFS shares mounted on your machine (regardless of file permissions on the NFS share). Unpackaged software Where reasonably practicable we will attempt to package and build software from source so that it can be re-installed if needed. This needs to be arranged and agreed on a case-by-case basis. We will aim to package such software to make future redeployment easier.