The Computing Support Team staff are all based in room 6.40 on floor 6 of Claremont Tower.

Who Role Email Extension
John Snowdon Team Leader (SAgE - Computing Science) 84927
Sara Bellwood School Support Assistant (part time with CS support team) 86981
Helen Griffiths Computing Officer (SAgE - Computing Science) 87895
Chris Ritson Senior Computing Officer (SAgE - Computing Science) 88175
Paul Sumner Technical Officer (SAgE - Computing Science) 83606
Neil Winter Senior IT Technician (SAgE - Computing Science) 87405

See also our profiles on the School website.

Our ticket system should be used for reporting problems, seeking advice, submitting orders, etc. for both hardware and software, and for raising any other matter when you are uncertain who to contact.

Before submitting a ticket for a software problem, search the support wiki to see if it is addressed by the documentation; you may get a quicker resolution that way.