What is VMAP?

The School of Computing Science VMAP site provides staff and students access to free product licences from VMWare via the VMWare Academic Program (VMAP). Products available include VMware Workstation (for Windows/Linux) and VMware Fusion (for Macs).

If you wish to take advantage of this scheme please submit a ticket requesting that your VMAP account to be set up.

/!\ Each licence lasts for a year after which the software will stop working until you obtain a new licence and there is no guarantee that the same product licences will be available each year. These terms are less favourable than those of Imagine Premium.

We have a subscription until 2017.

Acceptable Use

The free licences provided through The VMware Academic Program may be used for instruction and non-commercial research only. Faculty members as well as staff directly involved in administering systems and providing support for program software may install the software on their personal computers. Students taking qualified courses or conducting research can access program software within lab (i.e. teaching cluster) machines or download programs software on their personal computers. Students receiving licences through a qualifying course or research project may use the licences after the course or project is concluded. Program software installed in shared lab environments can be used across different courses offered by different faculty members.

Available software

VMAP currently offers access to

We also have access to VMware eLearning and VMware Sales Professional training materials.