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If you would like some wiki space for a Research project, you can make use of the shared Research wiki set up for the purpose. There is no need to apply: just create a project page and a link to it on the wiki's Home page. The wiki pages are backed up.

Alternatively, if you require a fully independent, self-managed special-interest group or personal wiki, these can be hosted using the same software as this wiki.

If you wish to have a hosted wiki you will be provided with an empty instance of a default !MoinMoin wiki. How you choose to operate it will be entirely up to you. It will be independent of other hosted wikis and the support wiki. Its configuration file will become your responsibility to administer Help On Configuration describes the configuration options), and you will be free to have the wiki as open or closed as you like. Initially access to the wiki will be unrestricted, but restrictions and the enforcement of Campus authentication can be applied via the Web server by arrangement. For a special-interest wiki with name wikiname, the configuration will be called 1 within the instance directory and access will be via the URL ( For a personal wiki, the configuration will be called, and access will be via the URL

The wiki won't inherit the modifications and extensions of the support wiki described in ThisWiki, but these can be made available if required. It will be possible for you to add different extensions (plugins), e.g. parsers and macros, but adding a new theme would be more of a problem as it would require modification of the installation of !MoinMoin.

As FastCGI is used to improve performance, the addition of plugins and changes to the configuration file won't be seen until the Web server is restarted. It is hoped to provide a safe mechanism to allow administrators of hosted wikis to do this themselves to avoid having to contact the Support Team, but the details have yet to be worked out.

The wiki will be backed up.

Apply via the TicketSystem stating what the wiki is to be used for and, for a special-interest wiki, your preferred choice of name ''wikiname'' that will appear in the URL''wikiname'' used to access it. For a personal wiki, the name, and hence URL, are fixed as described above.

1. There are practical reasons why the root of the name has to be different from the wiki's name; it also has to be unique amongst the set of configuration file names.