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Your desktop PC will have had its hard disk wiped and a system partition created, typically of 100 GB. The rest of the disk may have a data volume or may be unallocated. Windows 7 will have been installed from the Campus WDS (Windows Deployment Services) servers into the C: partition. A laptop/netbook may have been be left with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) system OS install but will have as much "trialware" etc. removed as possible. In all cases the computer will be part of the Campus Active Directory domain i.e. a Campus Managed Desktop (CMD) system. Facilities provided to a CMD system include:

Your PC needs be "assigned" to you in the NUIT Connect service if you wish to use the Remote Wake Up Service. If it does not appear there once you log in, or any of the details are incorrect, please submit a ticket.

[!] Before you go much further please read the following entries in this guide:

and have a look at Windows Frequently Asked Questions.