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The Windows 7 logon background screen on a Computing Science CMD (Campus Managed Desktop) system shows some information including:

  • The PC's name: please include this in messages to the Ticket System rather than referring to "my computer".
  • Snapshot Time: the time the screen was created
  • Some details about the PC's configuration - free disk space, memory, processor etc.
  • A small "news" item. If you would like some information displayed here please raise a ticket, saying which of the following systems it should appear on: Staff/Phd systems, Advanced Msc systems, the Rack cluster.

[!] You can display the screen at any time by typing Ctrl Alt Del. The screen is re-generated every hour or so at the Snapshot Time, and you can force an update by executing gpudate from the command line.

/!\ Whilst booting, the screen info displayed is that generated during the previous Windows session i.e. before the boot: you don't see info generated since rebooting until you type Ctrl Alt Del after logging in.